Let’s talk baking strips.

I am still on holidays but even when I am out doing errands with my family, I still find something of baking interest. Baking strips. These strips are a must have if you are baking a cake and you want to have the cake bake evenly. The desired result is a flatter top to your cake. Without the strips the cake often has a dome which you need to trim when preparing to frost the cake. These strips work particularily well with round cake pans. Now that I think of it I have not tried them on a square or rectangular pan.

To use the strips, run each strip under the tap to lightly soak them. Then I place the strip, beginning at one end, between my index finger and thumb, by pulling the strip through my fingers I can squeeze out the excess water. Then you wrap the strip around the pan keeping the light colored fabric against the outside wall of the pan. Using the pin that comes with the strip, secure the overlapping end to the strip. That is it. When the cake is out of the oven and the strips have cooled, I roll each one up and secure it with the pin. Ready for next time. I have had my baking strips for more than 10 years and they are still as good as new. When I bought mine there were only 2 per package but the package I saw today had 4 strips for $20. Using this technique you should enjoy a more evenly flat top to your cake.