About the CdnBakingFairy

As a self-taught home baker, I have been standing in front of an oven window for more than 30 years. One day it might be baking a forgotten favorite from one of the many vintage cookbooks I have collected or I might select an item from my baking bucket list to master.  Regardless of the baking adventure, I would like to share my thoughts about baking and connect with other passionate bakers.

I am not a recipe developer so I post very few recipes.  Most often I share where I got my recipe from so that you can track down the recipe.  I prefer to use my own collection of recipes rather than using online resources. Occasionally I will post a recipe that I know has been passed down in my family so it is unlikely to have come from a recipe book.  If there is a recipe you are looking for that you cannot find, connect with me on social media.

Each month the CdnBakingFairy will share cookbook reviews and discuss ingredients.


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