The simple joy of hand mixing healthy muffins to fuel your day.

While on Instagram the other day I was reading a post for a lemon tart. Beautiful shot. The text is what caught my eye, though. No, not a typo! The fact that the baker spent 3 hours making the tart, letting it cool enough to be able to slice it and then another 4 hours getting the perfect photo to edit before posting. Yikes! Baking, food styling and photography are all trendy hobbies if you want to develop a social media following. But sometimes you just want to make healthy food to fuel your day or nourish your loved ones. It is not glamorous and often not photo worthy however it is honest. Clean eating. Good quality ingredients baked into a snack. Do not let yourself be intimidated by foodie shots online. Baking is not about perfectionism. Get your favorite mixing bowl out and feel the pride of making something by hand. These Glorious Morning Muffins are a staple in our household and it is a recipe I cut off a bag of @GoldMedalFlour. The recipe is very stable allowing for you to make variations. I use soy milk instead of regular milk, add pumpkin seeds and flax, plus change up the nuts to suit my cravings. Get back to basics and enjoy the taste of a fresh baked muffin for your snacks on the go.


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