Don’t forget the eggs. Emergency egg substitutions.

Sometimes there is nothing better than a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie when you are craving something sweet. I have likely repeated those words on more than one occassion. Last night I thought I would make a quick batch of cookies for my daughters. A surprise for them when they came home later in the evening. The first obstacle encountered was the lack of eggs. Silly me to think the carton in the fridge would actually have eggs in it. Should have looked first, I know. The butter was already creaming with the brown and white sugar so I felt I had to keep going. I checked the internet for substitutions. My goodness what a long list. Tofu, banana (with a note saying it might change the flavor – do you think?), and applesauce which I did briefly consider. There had to be some simple suggestion for using egg whites and extra oil or butter. I had a carton of egg whites so I felt that I needed to stick to basics by utilizing them. I ended up following the instructions on the egg white carton. 1/3 cup of egg whites equals 2 large eggs. When I poured the 1/3 cup in it did seem like I was adding too much liquid.

The second obstacle was that it was too close to my bedtime when I started these cookies. The dough needed to chill for 30 minutes and I thought I should leave it longer as the butter had been very soft. I sat outside with a cup of tea waiting for the dough to chill and that was the end of baking for me. The dough definitely had enough time to chill.

This afternoon I pulled what was left of the dough out of the fridge. Cookie dough in the fridge is always risky with teenagers around. The cookies turned out lovely. I think they are the perfect summer version of a chocolate chip cookie. Just a bit lighter and crispier than the regular version. Not a problem at all. Note to self: it is always better to go with a common sense substitution. I am sure that if I would have used banana in place of eggs the flavor definitely would have been different.



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