Dulce coffee brownies. Morning treat for teachers’ staff meeting.

Baking inspiration is everywhere at this time of the year.  I was in the baking aisle (surprise!) of the grocery store when I spotted Chipits coffee flavored chocolate chips. The recipe for these brownies were attached to the shelf.  The recipe called for another new product – Eagle Brand dulce de luche flavored condensed milk. Normally I would not dip my finger in a can of condensed milk but this time I was tempted.  Wow! I have to say I was very impressed with the taste.  I will definitely look for ways to incorporate this new flavor into my baking.  Overall the brownie recipe worked very well.  The toppings give it a flavor similar to a caramel frappaccino.  Certainly a simple switch up on a bar that is similar to a Nanaimo bar but has the base of a brownie.

So many great ideas for holiday baking. Where do I start?

This time of year there is baking inspiration everywhere you look.  Oh, that looks good! Oh, I want to try those little tartlets!  The bounty of ideas is endless.  Before I know it my “goodies to do list” is ridiculously long.  There are certain goodies that I only make at Christmas time and my family expects their favorites to be on the goodie tray.  I absolutely have to stick to those but I will also bake some new goodies.  I found this cute little “Frosty Bite” at Sur La Table in Scottsdale, AZ this past weekend.  What a cutie!  And quite delicious considering he was likely baked months ago in order to be shipped out to the stores.  Regardless, he is my inspiration for this year! I am regularly to manage my baking – taking mini-bites out of my list – plus I am going to try miniaturizing these trusty family standbys.  As always I will share my efforts with you and provide shortcuts and techniques that you can incorporate into your own “baking to do list” for your holiday season.