A pound of baking advice. Lemon Poundcake

Today’s post started out to be focused on pointers to ensure a delicious, melt in your mouth, pound cake experience.  Not.  The recipe I tried today was from John Barricelli’s SONO Cookbook.  Unfortunately I made a rookie mistake.  Distracted by all the things I was going to tell my readers about how to make a pound cake, I missed a critical step – letting the eggs come to room temperature.  For many recipes you can get away with this but a pound cake’s tender crumb depends on all the steps being done perfectly.  I took my time creaming the butter and sugar to ensure it was light.  The color of the mixture becomes quite light, almost whitish, when it has been mixing for 5-6 minutes.  Then you mix in the eggs, one at a time.  That is when I realized my mistake.  Although I have not tasted the cake yet – tastes better the next day – I was worried it was going to overflow, but in the end I got the golden crack along the top which signals a successful pound cake.  This recipe called for the cake to be brushed with melted apricot jam and then a glaze.  This ensures the cake is moist.  A pound cake has very little liquid so these extra steps help ensure the cake is not dry.  I also added lemon extract to the glaze in addition to lemon juice.  I find that adds an extra zing to the sweetness of the glaze.  Tomorrow morning I will try a slice with a cup of tea and let you know how it turns out.  And don’t forget the morale of the story, always prepare “mise en place” so you do not overlook an ingredient or like I did, its proper preparation in advance of beginning the baking method.  Lesson learned, I hope.


One thought on “A pound of baking advice. Lemon Poundcake

  1. Here’s a trick for bringing eggs to room temperature quickly. Put the eggs (shells on) into a bowl and cover them with warm (not hot) water. Let them sit for approx. 5 minutes and they are ready to use.

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