Citrusy bites of heaven with a robust glaze.

Glazed cookies always seem to be too much work. I am just as happy with a warm chocolate chip cookie, although truth be told, its the dough I am usually after.  The other day I spotted this new recipe in the back of the May 2012 Everyday Food magazine.  The cookies are called Glazed Citrus Doodles.  My first thought was that my citrus loving daughters would be in sugar coma heaven if I surprised them with these morsels.  Sure enough…

The recipe was very easy to work with.  My only comment was that I prefer when the ingredients indicate that an item is to be divided.  This recipe called for orange zest and orange juice.  The total amount required for the recipe was indicated however the method indicates a portion is for the dough and another portion is for the glaze.  To avoid confusion the recipe writer should indicate the ingredient is divided or separate the ingredients out (for example list the items for the dough and then the ingredients for the glaze).  Always take the time to read through the method.  I know I have said this many times before but it is important for novice bakers as well as experienced bakers.  In fact, I believe it is experienced bakers who might miss this because so often they already understand the method, they are just looking at the measurement of the ingredients.  Guilty, I am.  These are a wonderful summer cookie.  Bake them and share with your favorite friend.Image

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