Cherry Breakfast Focaccia

This morning I was inspired by the delicious cherries available in the markets right now.  They are my favorite fruit so it does not take much to motivate me to bake with cherries. The base was a sweet bread dough that might faithful bread machine made while I went for a run.  When I came home I rolled the dough out quite thin on one of my large baking sheets.  The best tool I have for this is a small rolling pin, that I bought in China, used for making dumplings by hand.  It has no handles and rolls perfectly between the rims of the baking sheets.  I pitted the cherries, tossed them in brown sugar and sprinkled them on the dough.  I made a simple crumb topping with brown sugar, flour and walnuts mixed with cold butter.  That covered the top and it went straight into the oven.  The result is a delicious breakfast bread.  Not too sweet.  I found that it was best with some butter spread along the edges when I was eating it.  Perhaps next time I might drizzle a glaze on it.  In my opinion it needed more fruit and I think instead of walnuts I might try almonds or pecans next time.  The nuts should be chopped fairly fine.  I want to try this with nectarines or peaches, too.  Overall it was something new and offered a nice change from muffins.  It was easy to eat so you could eat it in the car

on the way to work.Image

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