A new flavor combination for an old pantry favorite. Apricot and Pistachio Thumbprint Cookies.


The other day I was trying out a new cheesecake recipe and unfortunately the cake was a disaster.  The recipe method called for warm apricot jam to be spread along the sides of the cheesecake so crushed pistachios could be pressed on. While I was cleaning up from this messy situation I dipped my finger into the warm jam and then dabbed at the crushed pistachios on the counter.  The taste was sublime.  What a delightful combination.  Today I decided to make a batch of butter balls, a simple old-fashioned cookie known to many of you as Thumbprint or Bird’s Nest cookies.  I rolled the cookies in crushed pistachios and then topped them with apricot jam.  The first batch of nut crusted cookies did not even have time to cool so I could dab the apricot jam in the small dent before the tasters began nibbling.  What a delight these simple cookies are.  I am enjoying one now with a hot cup of tea while I share this post with you.  When I was a younger, less experienced baker, the cheesecake disaster would have sent me flying – along with bits of cheesecake across the kitchen.  Now, my much more mature self, was lucky enough to discover a wonderful new flavor.  Another wonderful baking moment shared in the kitchen of the Canadian Baking Fairy.

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