NY Bakeries I visited this past week.

Sometimes the Canadian Baking Fairy takes the show on the road and when I do, we visit bakeries.  Levain Bakery, on the Upper Westside was a real treat.  It is the cutest little shop that you can’t miss because on a Saturday morning the line-up is out the door and up the stairs.  Do not be deterred though, the line moves quick.  I ordered a bombolini (an Italian doughnut), a chocolate brioche and an oatmeal scone.  The scone was a last minute decision because people in the line-up were raving about it.  My favorite was the chocolate brioche.  It was not fancy and the chocolate chips gave the appearance of it being very pedestrian but it was not.  The chocolate was divine and the bread was perfect.  My companions had a blueberry muffin that melted in your mouth.  A very fine crumb, indeed.  Enjoy the pictures.  We sat in the sunshine outside the bakery on a brick planter box.  The perfect way to gather strength for a walk in Central Park.

One thought on “NY Bakeries I visited this past week.

  1. Where’s the pictures? I want to drool over what you ate and they do NOT have in HK. It sounds like you had a nice visit to NYC. By any chance did you visit one of our dear friends while you were there? Take Care, BAM

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