Fit for tea with a Queen. Hungarian Shortbread.

Today the Tuesdays with Dorie group baked Hungarian Shortbread.  Essentially it is a shortbread crust with jam sandwiched between the two layers.  I used a jar of quality strawberry jam although the recipe calls for homemade rhubarb jam.  This is a delicious bar and begs you to sit down with a hot cup of tea to enjoy it with!  Or if you are having the Queen for tea, you might like to serve this.  By the way, this cup and saucer is one I picked up at the Buckingham Palace gift shop last year.

The fun thing about this recipe was the new technique included in the method.  The dough is chilled or frozen and then grated into the pan.  It was very quick and although it looked somewhat peculiar at the start (felt like I was make a lasagna or some other casserole covered in shredded mozzarella) the result was worth it.  This was a new technique for me so I checked out Gale Gand’s website.  She was the pastry chef that contributed this recipe.   On her website she explains that “Grating the shortbread dough into the pan gives it a lighter, more open texture;”.  There is certainly a lovely crumb on the top of this square.  Delicious!

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