Ragged Rugelach – delicious but a disaster!

So this week was a Tuesdays with Dorie baking challenge.  For those unfamiliar with my earlier posts this is an online group of bakers who, together, are working our way through a baking cookbook, called Baking With Julia written by Dorie Greenspan.

Tuesday’s mission was fraught with mistakes for me.  I misread the instructions initially so found out too late that I needed to chill the cookies a second time overnight before baking.  First, the rugelach I am familiar with are rolled in a crescent shape.  These are pinwheels, which in my case fell apart in the oven.  This was a labour intensive recipe that required quite a bit of preparation of the ingredients.  I made the apricot lekvar from scratch which was quite tasty (must be the amaretto!).  I was disappointed that you could not see the lovely apricot spread after the cookies were prepared.  You can taste it but I am going to make them again rolling them into crescents and not overstuff ing with the filling.  I would like to see the mix of the apricot with the nut and dried fruit filling.  The cream cheese dough was very easy to work with and added a nice complexity to the taste.  So aside, from the terrible appearance – I felt like they looked like pieces of bone marrow – the taste in your mouth, was delicious.  In fact, they are very addictive.

All baker’s encounter disasters along the way including making mistakes reading the instructions.  Like life, as long as we learn from the mistakes, we will be better bakers
in the end.

One thought on “Ragged Rugelach – delicious but a disaster!

  1. Yesterday with HK humidity I tried to melt chocolate and then it seized up. White chocolate especially can be so finicky. We all do learn from our mistakes. I still would love to sink my teeth into one of these pinwheels. chewy and delicious I am sure.

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