Chocolate Truffle Tartlets – Baking With Julia

Today was the second challenge for the Tuesdays With Dorie.  I made the chocolate dough in my 4 cup food processor which was working at full capacity but it gave the dough a lovely texture.  The dough was difficult to work with as it was quite crumbly around the edges.  In my younger days, I would not have had the patience to work with this dough.  Lots of patching.  I used a rectangular tart pan rather than the small tart pans as I thought that size would be too large for this rich dessert.  The filling was easy to assemble.  I used Callebaut milk and white chocolate plus purchased the ladyfingers.  I had a small slice with a cup of tea for my dessert.  It looked beautiful however I think a garnish was necessary.  Perhaps a flavoured whip cream or a fruit coulis of some sort.  I found the creaminess of the chocolate bits inside to be distracting.  My filling may have been undercooked.  There was a slight “egginess” to it, I felt.  I cooked it for the full time and it was set when I tested it but I think next time I would increase the cooking time slightly.  What I loved about today’s challenge was that I used a food processor for the pastry.  Previously I would have made it by hand but I really liked the texture of the dough.  I think I will invest in a larger food processor.

7 thoughts on “Chocolate Truffle Tartlets – Baking With Julia

  1. I ended up using my 4 cup processor also, it worked out good, but I had to add an additional tbsp of water for the dough to come together. It was a rich recipe, we found that some whipped cream really made it come together!

    1. My dough did not come together in the food processor so I dumped out onto the counter and kneaded it together. Normally I would have done the same thing as you bought I thought I should try to stick to the recipe for this one.

  2. I made the dough by hand and it worked out well, although it still did not come together. Although at first I questioned the dough, what really brought it together was the chilling. Once it came out of the fridge it was fine (I did have to patch a little bit).

  3. I also had to play with the dough a bit – I think there is a better written version of this recipe in Baking From My Home to Yours, Works every time! Glad you made it through, and thanks for baking along with us this week!

  4. I definitely was glad I used the food processor to make the dough – it made life a little simpler…
    The cream or the fruit would definitely be a great idea.

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