Bake with your nose.

Today while I was making peanut butter cookies I realized that if I am in the kitchen, I tend not to use the timer but rather can smell when the item I am baking is almost done.  Take notice the next time you are baking one of your regular items.  A couple of minutes before the timer goes off, you will notice that you can really begin to smell the baked item.  In my experience most oven temperatures are inconsistent.  Pay attention to the smell and it may save you from overcooking something.  By the way, the cookies were delicious!  Perfect on a lazy, grey afternoon  My favorite recipe from one of the Moosewood Collection books.

One thought on “Bake with your nose.

  1. Homemade Peanut cookies are my weakness and yes the smell coming from the oven is dreamy. It has been gray, cold, wet and nasty in HK for the last month. You are not missing a thing. BAM

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