Baking Basics. Chocolate Chip Cookies and some of my “must have” tools.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

The weather here is windy and raining.  Driving home I decided to whip up a quick batch of chocolate chip cookies for my girls.  Nothing says comfort food like the smell of fresh cookies from the oven after school  … and well, the taste of chocolate chip cookie dough!  These are my go to recipe from The Complete Canadian Living Cookbook, Best-Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies.  The review of that cookbook is for another day.  I also wanted to share a couple of my favorite tools for baking.  When it comes to cookies, you must have ice cream scoops.  For cookies I use a smaller one which is approximately 4cm or 1 5/8″ and then a larger one for muffins, 6cm or 2 3/8″.  A large offset spatula is also the best tool for lifting the cookies off the cookie sheet onto the cooling rack.  I have two offset spatulas in my pantry plus two other metal spatulas.  You do not need a lot of gadgets in your baking pantry but you do often need a couple of sizes of your favorite tools.  I’m looking forward to curling up in front of a fire tonight with my book, a hot cup of tea and a couple of these cookies.

Metal SpatulasCookie Scoops

2 thoughts on “Baking Basics. Chocolate Chip Cookies and some of my “must have” tools.

  1. I had no idea while eating that I was tasting a web published cookie!
    Sarah and I both enjoyed them (left none for Dave).
    Your helpful hints are great. I’m inspired!

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