Received my “Baking with Julia” book today

As I mentioned on a previous post I am going to join an online group that will be baking our way through this book.  Several times a month participants will bake selected recipes from the book.  I will be posting my results on this blog.  Today I received the cookbook which is based on the original PBS series hosted by Julia Child.  Working my way through this book will be like taking a course in baking.  I look forward to learning many new tips and techniques from Julia and the twenty-seven master chefs who participated in the series.  Tonight’s homework is reading through the Baking Basics which is the first section on terms, techniques and equipment.  Typically I never read this section in most cookbooks as I have always assumed that I knew all the terms and few offered advice that was new to me.  This time I am looking forward to learning new tips and techniques from this group of expert bakers.  I will share the interesting bits with you on a future post!

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